Often, products tastings in retail stores are quite boring and thus, ineffective. Staff hired by tasting companies hands out products samples to consumers, educates them about the brand and suggests a purchase if consumers like the products they sampled. And many times this is the best case scenario.

Simply put, tastings are most effective when they are part of a complete brand building concept. QBP has learned over the years that tastings alone have a limited impact on overall sales and brand image.

QBP works with brands on innovative solutions that increase opportunities for consumer outreach & engagement and integrate into a comprehensive brand building campaign.

That can and should include retail and distribution channels, events outside of retail venues, consumer research, social/digital media, promotional products and traditional in-store tastings.

Combined, they will capture the consumer’s attention, increase brand awareness, sales and ROI before, during and after tasting events.

Our QBP creative team and staff have many years of experience in the brand building and promotions industries. We know and we have seen what works well for brands and what does not. Working with QBP gives our clients access to a great talent pool and essentially an idea factory.  And – we own the work we do.

Today’s consumer tastes and environment are ever changing. By thinking outside the box, QBP creates strategies that successfully target the brand’s demographics, reach & engage the consumer, are cost effective and make sense.


These are just some of the tools our staff has utilized in previous campaigns.

Partner with charities to engage consumers.

Participate in local festivals & tasting competitions.

Create quality social and digital media content.

Utilize other brand building tools during in-store tastings.

Work with local or national print and digital media to feature a brand during special events.

Make smart use of promotional products.

Offer staff seminars & tastings to increase on-premise sales.

Engage consumers with contests & giveaways.

Gain insight from consumer surveys in retail stores.

Expand consumer reach via co-promotions with food brands.

Schedule bottle engravings at retail venues during special events.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
Albert Einstein


  • Many cities host events which offer ample opportunities for brands to promote and showcase their products.

  • Supporting non-profit organizations is a great opportunity to create goodwill, engage consumers and built brand awareness at charity events and non-licensed venues.

  • Inviting consumers to events at the brand’s home base is great way to connect, engage and build a brand following.

  • Engage and introduce consumers to a brand’s portfolio during parties or dinners at local restaurants.

  • Street teams effectively create a buzz on social media.

  • Fiesta San Antonio medals allow brands to participate in local culture and build a creative marketing campaign by engaging consumers.

  • Participate in local wine competitions. Winners are oftentimes showcased by retailers.

  • QBP works with brands to select the best options and provides trained staff to ensure high quality representation.


Both social and digital media provide excellent opportunities to enhance a brand’s profile and engage consumers.

The key to a successful social and digital media presence is all about developing quality content.  It depends on innovative ideas the public and especially the target demographics care about and are drawn to.

QBP creates such content with the best brand building tools including photography and video production.  A good story might go viral and lead to even more positive brand exposure.


QBP creates, designs and sources high quality promotional products that are a perfect fit for the brand and its target audience – and which consumers will use and act as a daily reminder of the brand.

We work with local artists as well as national and international manufacturers to ensure the best quality and price.

The QBP graphic design team creates unique t-shirt designs consumers will love. Brands like Bella + Canvas, Next Level Apparel and American Apparel supply high end fabrics and adhere to quality standards in the manufacturing process including shirts made in the USA. 

Consumers are much more likely to wear a high quality t-shirt with a great design in public which means more brand exposure!

Promotional products can be utilized in many different ways and for various purposes. Some promotional products can be created as collectibles.

No matter how promotional products are being used – they need to reflect the brand’s image and values.


Engage and make product tastings and other events more enjoyable and memorable for consumers.

Enhance and enforce a positive brand image.

Keep the brand and its products on the consumer’s mind long after the event.

Helpful as props, decorations and apparel for staff to draw attention to the brand.

Effective as gifts to enhance the consumer experience and reinforce the relationship.

As merchandise on the brand’s website to encourage consumers to support the brand and offset some of the cost of using them.

  • The QBP creative team works with brands to custom design promotional products that work just right.

  • Aprons & table skirts are a great way to increase brand awareness during in-store tastings.

  • Beer steins and glasses, cutting boards, salt cellars, drop stop disks & bottle stoppers are useful and act as a daily reminder of the brand.

  • LED lid ice buckets, t-shirts, Frisbees, sunglasses & tumblers are fun ways to engage the consumer.

  • Refrigerator magnets, Holiday ornaments and festival medals can be turned into thought after collector’s items.

  • Last but not least, QBP designs & creates brochures and flyers to give to consumers during events.


Joe Letteri , QBP Director of Wine, and his experienced team of culinary and wine professionals offer various services to the wine industry including

  • Food pairing suggestions for specific wines.

  • Multi-course menu suggestions featuring specific wines.

  • Full service multi-course dinner preparation at a private dining facility in Dallas to introduce staff members, distributors, retailers to new wines in a comfortable, elegant private dining room in Dallas.

Joe has 15 years’ experience as a sommelier and executive chef. Born in Rome, Italy, Joe moved to Boston’s famed North End in 1988. As a boy, Joe learned the art of making fine sausage and prosciutto, skills passed down from his grandfather and mother. Joe knew he was destined for the culinary world.

Following his love for cooking, he attended Newbury College of Culinary Arts and then completed his Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Massachusetts.

During the next few years, Joe traveled extensively across Europe, Asia and the US. Much of this time was spent observing and learning from the hands of gifted chefs around the globe.

The variety of styles and techniques are what fuels Joe’s improvisational, eclectic approach to the dining experience with a solid foundation in global cuisines, including Asian, Italian, and French.

In 2004, Joe launched his private Dining Club called Twenty-4-Chairs in Boston. This venture made its mark and Joe was featured on a several New England cooking programs as a guest chef. In March 2013 he decided to move to Texas and open Twenty-4-Chairs in Dallas.

Since May 2014, Joe is the Director of Wine for Quality Brand Promotions.

Joe has traveled extensively throughout Tuscany, Umbria & Abruzzo, Italy on cooking tours for wineries. He has completed the Court of Master Sommelier, Level 2.

Every February since 2008, Joe assists Gordon Ramsay in his master chef classes at Castel Monastro, Italy. He also worked as chef instructor for cooking classes at various Michelin star restaurants in Florence.  In addition, Joe has assisted with Dinners at James Beard House in New York.

In the fall of 2014, Joe was named one of five finalist contestants on kitchen LTO 4.0 in Dallas.