Since 2013, QBP has set and maintained the gold standard for consumer experience events in Texas.

Our entire team, including our brand ambassadors, is committed to a ‘can do’ attitude that puts the best interest of suppliers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors front and center.

Our solid reputation as a high quality service provider benefits and assures all stakeholders in an industry driven by sales that they can count on QBP to not only drive sales but provide quality and professional brand and product representation.

QBP managed events are designed to guide consumers from brand awareness to consideration to purchase.

Whether managing large campaigns of hundreds of events per month, co-promotions of alcohol and food or road shows at big box retailers, QBP has a rock solid reputation to get the job done right the first time.

QBP proudly covers customer experience events across Texas – allowing brands to work with one service provider to cover the entire state.


Often, product consumer experience events in retail stores are quite boring and thus, ineffective. Staff recruited by tasting companies hands out products samples to consumers, tells them about the brand and suggests a purchase if consumers like the products they sampled. And many times this is the best case scenario.

Simply put, such events are most effective when they are part of a complete brand building concept.  QBP has learned over the years that consumer experience events alone have a very limited impact on overall sales and brand image.

We create innovative solutions that increase opportunities for consumer outreach & engagement and integrate into a comprehensive brand building campaign.

Integrating social media marketing and consumer experiences is a great way to reach and engage target customers.  Social media will make engagement events more visible.  Consumer experience events are a great opportunity to drive more consumers to the brand’s social media platforms.

Combined, they will capture the consumer’s attention, increase brand awareness, sales and ROI before, during and after events.

Our QBP team has many years of experience in the brand building and promotions industries. We know and we have seen what works well for brands and what does not. Working with QBP gives our clients access to a great talent pool and essentially an idea factory.  And – we own the work we do.

Today’s consumer tastes and environment are ever changing. By thinking outside the box, QBP creates strategies that successfully target the brand’s demographics, reach & engage the consumer, are cost effective and make sense.



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These are just some of the tools our staff has utilized in previous campaigns.

Partner with charities to engage consumers.

Participate in local festivals & tasting competitions.

Create quality social and digital media content.

Utilize other brand building tools during consumer experience events.

Increase the number of product reviews on retailer websites.

Host events at the brand’s home base and other venues.

Connect and build relationships with relevant and impactful influencers.

Work with local or national print and digital media to feature brand during special events.

Make smart use of promotional products.

Offer staff seminars & tastings to increase on-premise sales.

Engage consumers with contests & giveaways.

Include brand and products in corporate gift and reward programs.

Create and distribute press releases to increase media visibility.

Make sure your brand is about more than just selling product.

Feature brand in travel guides and blogs.

Gain insight from consumer surveys in retail stores.

Expand consumer reach via co-promotions with food brands.

Schedule bottle engravings at retail venues during special events.

Participate in wedding shows to engage and invite bridal parties to tasting events.

Create a blog & engage consumers via monthly newsletters.

Create a program to sponsor and support local musicians and artists.

Develop food and drink recipes that utilize your products.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
Albert Einstein


Besides in-store tastings, there are many other types of consumer experience events brands can utilize to directly reach and engage consumers!

  • Many cities host events which offer ample opportunities for brands to promote and showcase their products.

  • Supporting non-profit organizations is a great opportunity to create goodwill, engage consumers and built brand awareness at charity events and non-licensed venues.

  • Inviting consumers to events at the brand’s home base is great way to connect, engage and build a brand following.

  • Engage and introduce consumers to a brand’s portfolio during parties or dinners at local restaurants.

  • Street teams effectively create a buzz on social media.

  • Fiesta San Antonio medals allow brands to participate in local culture and build a creative marketing campaign by engaging consumers.

  • Participate in local wine competitions. Winners are oftentimes showcased by retailers.

  • QBP works with brands to select the best options and provides trained staff to ensure high quality representation.


Our research indicates that up to 75% of in-store events for alcoholic beverages are a total or partial waste of money – if they take place at all.

Why do so many consumer experiences miss the mark?

(1) Incompetent, unprofessional and unknowledgeable tasting staff.

(2) Events conducted at unfavorable retail locations and/or days/times.

(3) Retailer refusal to support events with sufficient inventory.

(4) Consumer experiences fail to have any significant impact on overall sales.

How does QBP address and resolve these issues?

(1) Hire the most professional staff in the industry, train & pay them well.

(2) Develop a comprehensive database of over 1,300 retailers in Texas.

(3) Encourage retailer support by utilizing best practices.

(4) Integrate consumer experiences into a complete brand building concept.


At QBP, we understand that the quality of consumer experiences will only be as good as the quality of the staff we hire.

We scout for high-energy producers who bring passion and enthusiasm to their careers, project professionalism and enjoy promoting and selling your products.

Instead of hiring candidates over the phone we have developed a comprehensive, multi-step recruiting process (see below).

QBP offers above average compensation of $75 to $105 (and more as required) to attract the best candidates and to manage consumer experiences – anywhere in Texas. Our average pay in Texas is $32/hour.

All QBP staff is provided with a clip-on badge and business cards identifying them as QBP brand ambassadors and a credit card to purchase the products sampled.

QBP employs over 175 professional, experienced and carefully selected and screened brand ambassadors. QBP has a statewide management team.

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Interested in joining our team as a brand ambassador?


QBP develops training guides for every brand and product we represent, and requires our staff to participate in live training webinars to ensure they are knowledgeable and will professionally represent our clients.

QBP cross trains our staff on brands owned by the same supplier, allowing our staff to educate consumers, make recommendations based on consumer preference, increasing sales further.

Product Training Knowledgeable Staff Positive Brand Exposure Increased Sales


Based on our own experiences as well as feedback from hundreds of retailers, we found that there is often little or no use of store information such as demographics, peak hours, and feedback from previous experience events when selecting stores and products for future consumer experiences.

Conducting consumer experiences on days and times that will not result in optimal customer traffic is another reason for disappointing results.

QBP has developed a searchable retailer database of over 1,300 grocery and liquor stores in Texas to better understand the dynamics and customer base at each store, including what type of alcoholic beverages will sell best at each retail location.


Every retail store in Texas has its own beat. Based on feedback from our staff, retailers and wholesalers/distributors we have complied information on

  • the best days/times to conduct consumer experiences at each store.

  • the best types of alcoholic beverages to promote at each store including price points.

  • average household income for each retail location.

  • other valuable information to maximize the effectiveness and ROI of consumer experiences.

By working with QBP you will benefit from our continuously updated database, which will allow you to spend your budget for tasting events more wisely and with better results for all parties involved – including retailers & wholesalers and distributors.

QBP can help suppliers put together an optimized tasting schedule and work with retailers to get the schedule approved for maximum ROI.


One of the biggest issues QBP runs into – and apparently also a great point of frustration for some wholesalers & distributors – is the fact that many retailers refuse to purchase additional inventory in support of consumer experiences.

Some wholesale & distributor managers have concluded that they can no longer support consumer experiences as a sales and marketing incentive to retailers.

The dissatisfaction with consumer experience events among retail staff is oftentimes so great that many have come to see them as a waste of time and resources.

Consumer experience events are tolerated but not supported – leading to poor ROI for suppliers.

Teaming up with QBP will eliminate many these issues.

QBP has found that by resolving the problem of poor staffing and training and by working with retailers to schedule consumer experiences, their willingness to purchase additional product for such events will greatly increase.

And as many wine & beer managers will tell you, they much prefer quality over quantity.  Large numbers of poorly executed events can quickly turn into a nuisance.

Working and developing a relationship with the QBP team allows suppliers to communicate to retailers in Texas that they care about the quality of consumer experiences done for their brand and products.

Consumer experiences managed by QBP can be utilized by wholesalers & distributors as an incentive for retailers to support such events via increased orders/displays.

If retail staff is not satisfied with the conduct of our brand ambassadors QBP will not charge the supplier for the consumer experience event and will redo the event free of charge.

That’s how confident we are in our recruiting system, our staff and training.

One of the many benefits of working with QBP is that we have covers consumer experience events in virtually every retail chain in Texas including HEB, Kroger, Randall’s, Tom Thumb, Albertson’s, United/Market Street, Sam’s Club, Sprouts, World Market, Central Market, Whole Foods, Brookshire Brothers, Fresh Market, Walgreens, Corner Stores, Specs, Twin Liquor, Total Wine & More, Goody Goody, WB Liquors, Pinkies and many smaller independent liquor stores as well as various on-premise venues.  QBP is an approved provider for in-store alcohol tastings at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club.

QBP understands and appreciates retailer expectations in QBP and we train our staff to comply with all requirements of individual stores.

Go Texan

Quality Brand Promotions has a solid track record of sampling frozen, refrigerated and non-perishable foods as well as co-promotions with alcoholic beverages.

As a member and supporter of the GoTexan program, QBP works with the Texas Department of Agriculture to actively promote co-sponsorships of alcohol and food brands.


Getting detailed data points from every single consumer experience event is key to understanding ROI and consumer behavior and a major benefit from conducting consumer experiences.

QBP has created an online data system that can be customized to each client’s needs to capture all pertinent data and event feedback.  All sales and data reports are posted within days of events. Detailed reports can be downloaded in Excel spreadsheet format and recaps in PDF format.

Please contact us for more information about our online reporting system at


All our QBP brand ambassadors are provided credit cards to purchase the products to be sampled during consumer experiences.

QBP ensures our staff has all needed equipment and supplies to project a professional image during consumer experiences.

Online recap system ensures QBP staff provides feedback from all events quickly.

Humanity scheduling system allows QBP to communicate and staff large numbers of consumer experience events efficiently and with ease.

QBP developed comprehensive online reporting system provides suppliers with sales and recap information within days of events.

Continuous performance reviews for all staff. Consistently low performers are not invited back.

QBP covers the ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS to ensure our ability to conduct consumer experiences at every retail outlet in Texas.

High level of satisfaction among retailers. High level of satisfaction among our staff with consistently high ratings on Glassdoor.

100% satisfaction guarantee unparalleled in the consumer experiences industry.


QBP creates, designs and sources high quality promotional products that are a perfect fit for the brand and its target audience – and which consumers will use and act as a daily reminder of the brand.

We work with national and international manufacturers to ensure the best quality and price.  Most products we offer are made right here in the US.

The QBP graphic design team creates unique t-shirt designs consumers will love. Brands like Bella + Canvas, Next Level Apparel and American Apparel supply high end fabrics and adhere to quality standards in the manufacturing process including shirts made in the US. 

Consumers are much more likely to wear a high quality t-shirt with a great design in public which means more brand exposure!

Promotional products can be utilized in many different ways and for various purposes.  They can be sold on the brand’s website and created as collectibles.

No matter how promotional products are being used – they should reflect the brand’s image and values.


Engage and make consumer experiences and other events more enjoyable and memorable.

Enhance and enforce a positive brand image.

Keep the brand and its products on the consumer’s mind long after the event.

Helpful as props, decorations and apparel for staff to draw attention to the brand during consumer experiences.

Effective as gifts to enhance the consumer experience and reinforce the relationship.

As merchandise on the brand’s website to encourage consumers to support the brand and offset the manufacturing cost.

  • The QBP creative team works with brands to custom design promotional products that work just right.

  • Aprons & table skirts are a great way to increase brand awareness during consumer experiences.
  • Beer steins and glasses, cutting boards, salt cellars, drop stop disks & bottle openers are useful and act as a daily reminder of the brand.
  • LED lid ice buckets, t-shirts, Frisbees, sunglasses & tumblers are fun ways to engage the consumer.
  • Refrigerator magnets, Holiday ornaments and festival medals can be turned into thought after collector’s items.
  • Last but not least, QBP designs & creates print media to distribute during consumer experiences.


QBP offers a variety of complementary services to successfully market and build beverage and food brands in Texas.

  • Event Representation Services
  • Full Service Events Management
  • Trade Show Representation
  • Dedicated Brand/Street Teams
  • Culinary Services
  • Portfolio Promotions
  • Customer Surveys
  • Seminars to the Trade
  • Merchandising
  • Wine Import, Wholesale and Retail
  • Worldwide and US based Freight Logistics and Warehousing
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